We Know Fire

We pride ourselves as a class-approved service supplier of fire and safety equipment specializing in the marine, municipal, and commercial industries.


Refilling of Fire Extinguishers

Filling Station for CO2 and Breathing Air

Pressure Testing of Extinguishers and Hoses

Certification of Acetylene-/Oxygen Installations

Certification of Fire Suppression Systems

Certification of Gas Detection Devices

Installation of CO2 Systems, Pipe Systems, Fire Extinguishers, and Safety Signs

Analyzing Foam Liquids

Recycling of Dry Powder

Service Agreements Available

Hydrostatic Testing of all types of gas cylinders, SCBA cylinders and diving cylinders, Dot Certified Test Station

Annual inspection of fire extinguishers, fire alarms, SCBA and restaurant fire suppression systems


We deliver a wide range of fire / safety equipment for ships and offshore installations. We also provide installations and service worldwide.

Associations & Memberships

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